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Pilot Program Application

Announcing: FREE Retro-Fit Pilot Program for ADC/Maytag* Dryer Owners

• No charge for screens or installation

• No sign-up fees

• No monthly maintenance fees

• No hidden or underhanded fees!

• Free web-based phone app tailored for your store

• Free content such as news, weather, horoscopes, cartoons, etc..

• Free access to run your own ads


For a limited time, CLEAN VIEW MEDIA NETWORK is accepting e-applications (see below) from laundromat owners who currently have any ADC or Maytag* dryers with dual-pane doors in their store to join our pilot program. If you do not own dryers that are compatible with our system we will hang 42″ displays in your store at no charge!


That’s right, you pay nothing and start receiving checks!

You will receive 5% of national ad revenue and 35% of any local ads you cause to be generated. We will supply you with flyers customized to your location. You get them to sign up on the website-we do the rest. 20 local advertisers at our introductory low rate will net an additional $630 per month! The value of the National advertising is to be determined during this Pilot Program.

Your free mobile site is also a very useful tool/service for your laundromat. Customers can watch a video tour of your laundromat, including store hours, fluff & fold services, time of day specials, and pricing. They can also watch an “equipment use instructions” video to learn the best way to start and use each machine, how much soap to use in each machine and where it goes, or even that these model dryer’s glass does not get hot! Explain the rules like: “Please keep children out of carts and off the tables”. Anything you want to communicate to your customer.

Customers can play games, enter a baby pageant, get coupons, submit refund requests, win I-pods and many other good prizes, not the least of which being loyalty building laundry credits!

*Retro-fit kits are an aftermarket product offered by ADC and CVMN

< Scan this QR-Code for an example of one of our phone apps currently in use

Apply now – the pilot program is strictly limited to 100 locations nationwide!


Pilot Program Application

This application does not obligate either party, it is merely an expression of interest.
  • Size of your laundromat
  • How many washing machines are in your store?
  • How many dryers are in your store?
  • Do you have a website?
  • Please re-enter your email address
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