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Watch this presentation meant for laundry owners to see how hard we’re working to keep those bored patrons looking at our displays!

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Experience A Unique, Personal, and Captivating Opportunity in ‘Out of Home’ Advertising

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The Clean View Media Network

  • Are you a national brand advertiser/planner looking for a new advertising platform?
  • Are you tired of platforms that offer your potential clients just a brief glimpse, or a flash of their products or services?
  • Wouldn’t you prefer a platform that really delivers your message directly and in a truly personal way?


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Why  Clean View Media™ Network?

At CVMN we are offering a new way to communicate your brands message to the consumer. Our digital billboards bring an exciting new feature to the neighborhood Laundromat. The Laundromat environment provides the advertisers with a unique advantage in today’s fast paced society.  That advantage is time. Our clients spend time and in the past, much of that time was spent watching the wash turn. Now instead of the wash, they can be entertained, educated, and enticed by your product or service.   And our customers will spend the time to watch your message, maybe 4 or even 5 times, during each visit. This out of home opportunity has other advantages. One of these is the lack of competition for the attention of the consumer. When you advertise with Clean View Media™ Network, your brand is the star of the show. In most cases, our clients are not being bombarded with other forms of media, they are captive to your brand. Another advantage is the Laundromat is a true extension of many of their customers homes. They spend time in this environment on a very regular basis often making up to 8 trips per month. Your brand will be continually exposed to the habitual, loyal customer, building your brand loyalty in turn. This unique relationship creates opportunities for creative and entertaining ads not available through other mediums, such as effective serial advertising. Our audience has some time to think.  Shouldn’t they be thinking about your product or service?   If you are ready to boost the performance of your advertising dollar, then it is time to talk to us.

Clean View Media™ Network delivers

  • High quality digital media screens in a distraction free environment
  • QR generated instant-win prizes keep eyes on screen
  • Text/SMS generated drawings
  • Multiple impression opportunities per visit
  • Household decisions makers and purchasers across multiple ethnic and income demographics
  • Opportunities for general brand presence or targeted campaigns
  • Local, regional, and national programs available
  • A cutting edge new network that insures your brands maximum visibility
  • Low cost, low risk buy-in that insures low rates as the network grows ($7 CPM)

National Advertiser

  • Reach diverse audiences in communities nationwide
  • High novelty value multiplies number of impressions per visit
  • Laundromat environment provides captive audience
  • Uniquely personal environment combined with regular return visits, offers advertisers a unique opportunity for creative advertising and to build personal relationships over time
  • Enrich your brand presence by enhancing and increasing your brands local presence in the Clean View Media™ Network
  • Build brand loyalty by enhancing our customers experience


  • Average customer length of stay 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Customers typically return to the same laundromat 4-8 times per month
  • Many customers from high density housing units, fastest growing housing demographic
  • Low to middle income
  • Typically high percentage of minorities, generally reflecting the demographics of the neighborhood
  • College students, single men, and house wives
  • Typical user is the decision maker and purchaser of household items


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