Mobile paperless and printable coupons! A free service to all CVMN advertisers!

Local Advertisers


Special Program For Local Small Businesses …

For about $3.00 a day you can access high quality advertising and begin bringing more customers through your door.


Who Should Advertise Using Dryer Ads? provides all the tools for any size business to design and manage a media campaign. Advertise near your business to drive local traffic, or launch national ad campaigns.


Good For Nearby Shops

DryerAds works for small businesses, cafes, restaurants, health clubs, spas, salons, grocery stores, gas stations, and just about any other local retail business can be reached as potential clients directly. It is ideal for any business within the area.

Special Program for Resaurants, Cafe’s, and Coffee Shops

We create a “mobile menu” with a coupon button, accessed by QR-code. The potential customer scans the code for your menu to display on their phone. When they push the coupon button they are taken to your profile page on our coupon website. This profile page contains any information you supply us (links, videos etc). It also contains a google map and your business info such as a logo, address, hours, phone number, and photos. Coupons may be changed monthly at no additional charge.

Good For Local Professional Services

DryerAds works well for local service providers. Contractors, plumbers, CPA’s, lawyers, dentists, and a wide variety of other services. DryerAds advertising makes sure they are thinking about your service.

  • Build relationships with a captive audience
  • High ad visibility with 65+ plays a day
  • Utilize our coupon website
  • QR codes take customers directly to your website, menu, infomercial – whatever you wish
  • QR generated prizes/specials drive customers to your door
  • Text-SMS based paperless coupons
  • We encourage you to use these powerful tools for any other advertising you wish!!

Special “Recession Buster” Local Advertising Offer For Small Businesses

Join our newly launched advertising program called the CLEAN VIEW MEDIA ™ NETWORK. For about $3.00 a day, you get 1950+ plays per month in your local laundromat. Be one of the first subscribers and lock in this rate for ONE YEAR! How can you say no to trying our incredible promotion? Fill out a simple form and you’ll be on your way to more sales and revenues in no time! There is no ongoing obligation.

Also, Announcing new CVMN TEXT offer plans for small business:

  • Add interactivity to all your advertising with a TEXT in offer code.
  • Paperless coupons help save the environment!
  • Easily update and change offers to coordinate and enhance social media and traditional media advertising.
  • Excellent for flyers or “Guerilla Marketing” campaigns
  • Use CVMN TEXT to create a response venue for events, ie “text 12345 to confirm your attendance at our seminar.”
  • Text returns can provide links to other information about your products and services.

See this page for full info about custom text offers


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See How Effective Your Ad Can Be

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A Happy Laundromat Customer:

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