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Laundromat Owners


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Benefits for Laundromat Owners

  • Are you looking to upgrade your coin laundry dryers?
  • Are you interested in utilizing the most advanced, energy-saving technology available?
  • What if that technology also provides you a check every month, before your customers even use it?
  • Now available on all new models of ADC and Maytag dryers.
  • Retro-fit kits now available for all models of ADC and Maytag* dryers with dual-pane doors!
  • No compatible dryers? We will hang 42″ displays on the wall at no charge!

If you are a laundry owner interested in maximizing your profits, while keeping your laundry modern and updated, then Clean View Media Network has an offer for you!

CVMN offers the laundromat owner a new and exciting program to increase revenues, build better relations with other local business, and make the coin laundry a more interesting place to be.

CVMN and ADC have partnered to offer Laundromat owners multiple options to participate in this program. CVMN is an excellent option to bring into your facility both for the ad revenue you will generate, but also for the customer service and entertainment value that you are providing. Let’s face it, most of our laundries are functional, not many are entertaining. We can help your laundry stand out from the crowd and guarantee extra revenue each month you are a CVMN partner.

When you become a member of the Clean View Media Network, we will build you a mobile website, including free hosting. This allows your customers to access an “infomercial” about your store (hours of operation, specials, services like fluff & fold, equipment use instructions, rules, etc). Customers can also submit a refund request, enter contests like “Dryerads Art Contest” to win loyalty-building laundry credits, text-generated drawings for awesome prizes, get coupons from local businesses and much more.

All of our services, maintenance, hardware and software are totally free! There is never a charge of any kind to be a part of our network!

Check out one of our new locations:


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Payments to Owners are a percentage of the ad revenue generated by that location. Ad prices are based on estimates of how many customers pass through monthly. A large busy store could make thousands of dollars in extra revenue every quarter through this program! Rest assured, no information about your business will ever be shared with anyone for any reason.

Clean View Media is a full-featured, wi-fi enabled digital display that allows us to easily modify and display digital content from the internet.

Your customers will be watching entertaining content such as horoscopes, cartoons, trivia, new game releases, new movie releases, and more, plus revenue producing advertising, instead of watching spinning laundry. In addition, the Clean View Media display can be used to inform your customers with headline news, weather, interesting science developments, and your own laundries services like fluff & fold, time of day promotions, store hours, emergency # etc.

Store owners are not required to participate in marketing of local ad space to nearby businesses. However, we do have a program to help greatly increase your monthly check from us if you choose to participate. Either way, we pay you for every screen in your store and best of all those screens and all related hardware are free for the life of the dryer!! If you own ADC or Maytag dryers with dual-pane doors, we will retrofit your dryers free of charge! If you do not have dual-pane dryer doors and do not need new dryers now we will install 42″ displays, also at no charge. All that is required of the laundry owner is a reliable wireless internet connection.

Want More Information?

APPLY NOW to become a part of the Clean View Media ™ Network and we’ll get you started right away! Or CONTACT US and we’ll set up a meeting to discuss your needs.

*Retro-fit kits are an aftermarket product offered by ADC and CVMN

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