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That’s what we’re all about. With today’s advancements in technology, you can have a video movie or set of slides being presented constantly in front of highly attentive customers who would love to have something better to do than just watch their laundry dry.

Video ad displays are built right into the dryer door windows

Clean View Media ™ Network works in concert with clothes dryers manufactured by American Dryer Corporation (ADC), the industry’s undisputed leader in dryer technology. ADC  has developed a dryer door system called Clean View Media™ that has a high-tech video display embedded right into the dryer door’s window, which is also connected to the internet allowing for off-site management of the advertisements that are being viewed.

Video ad dryer doors allow laundromat customers to be entertained while you – the advertiser – are providing them with valuable information about your company’s offerings.

Clean View Media DryerAd video display doors are the most exciting innovation in the coin laundry industry since the invention of the stack dryers in the 80′s! Now, laundromat customers become ‘your’ customer by allowing them to be entertained while you are providing them with valuable information about your company’s products and services.


Benefits of Dryer Ads and the Clean View Media™ Network

  • Multiple impressions per visit
  • Reach customers in your neighborhood or across the nation
  • Increase brand presence
  • Grow customer base and improve customer loyalty
  • Take advantage of high novelty factor as this new technology is rolled out across the country.
  • Target specific demographics in each location
  • Reach a diverse customer base

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For more on DryerAds equipment manufacturer American Dryer Corporation (ADC), watch this quick video below.


To learn more, watch this short video.

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