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Clean View Media™ Network Launches New Out Of Home Digital Signage Platform

An entirely new form of advertising has just hit the streets.

Advancements in technology have allowed video displays to be implanted into the doors of dryers. Now, instead of laundromat customers staring at their laundry going round and round, they will be able to pass time watching free entertaining content mixed with national ads and ads done by local businesses. In this way they can learn about their local marketplace, take advantage of company coupons and discounts, and patronize local shops that they may not have even known existed!

With the use of QR codes, customers are able to access any additional info the advertiser wishes. Websites are the obvious choice but a restaurant could display thier menu for example, an infomercial, specials etc.

“This is an exciting new venture”, says Paul Coty, Vice President of National Sales for Clean View Media Network, and distributor of commercial laundry equipment in California. “Not only can businesses promote themselves to a very attentive audience, but they will also be able to control their advertisement content, select location, and advertising schedule using the internet. The launch of Clean View Media Network will allow our clients to create their ads using text and image uploads or provide links to YouTube videos of ads that they have created.

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